Who We Are

SMART FUND is an actively managed art fund specialising in the tokenisation of art assets using cryptocurrency. Our objective is to provide investors with access to the art market through a secure and transparent investment platform that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology.

Our investment strategy involves acquiring high-value assets and tokenising them into fractional ownership units that are tradeable on a secure blockchain platform. By doing so, we aim to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of art assets that are easier to buy and sell with a lower barrier to entry.

Our management team has extensive experience in both the art market and the crypto industry, ensuring that our fund is well positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for digital assets.

We are committed to delivering strong returns to our investors while maintaining a rigorous risk management framework. Our investment approach is focussed on identifying high-quality art assets that have the potential to appreciate over medium to long term, while also managing risks associated with the art market and crypto industry.




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